Summer Spring Water – The abundant mountain springs in early summer are particularly cold, this is also the time when Fushan’s trout is at its freshest and plumpest. Fushan is located within the Wulai Scenic Area in Sindian; not only is it blessed with verdant streams, its location inside the Atayal Tribe region has preserved the natural forest scenery, tall mountains and steep cliffs. The crystal clear mountain spring is perfect for breeding cold-water trout. The Daluolan River, situated upstream of the Nanshi River, features low water temperature, clear quality and abundant volume, and the trout here are high in nutritional value, low in fat and cholesterol. Most importantly, the fish is as fresh and tender as it gets, offering consumers a health-oriented cuisine.
Breakfast time:am8:15~am9:30 / Dining hours:am11:00~pm8:30
Different seasonal set meals will be designed throughout the year (actual set meal launched offered on-site will apply). Above meals are subject to 10% service charge.