Tickets Information
Ticket category Ticket price Target
Adult NT$220 * adults between 19-65 years old
Special Offers NT$150

*under age 19 (ID required)

* Children above 3 years old and under 12 years old

Helf fare ticket NT$110

*Above age 65 (ID required)

* In accordance with the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act, persons in possession of a disability identification booklet are entitled to half price tickets, while one companion of the person with a disability can also enjoy half price ticket.

In-resort service Opening hours
Cable Cars 9:00~22:00
Yun-hsien resort 9:30~22:00
(Hotel Zone containing)
Amusement facilities 9:30~17:00
* Free admission: Children 3 years old and under 3 years old. (Identity required, and each children must accompany by an adult)
* Additional concession is available for groups with 30 persons or above. Please contact the sales department in advance.
* Service hotline: (02) 2661-6383  Fax: (02) 2661-6710
* Ticket is inclusive of cleaning/maintenance fee and cable car ticket, fees for various amusement facilities
are not included.
* Please do not bring pets.
Travel saefty notes
Welcome to the Yun Hsien Resort, the facilities and management of the amusement park area have been planned and designed comprehensively to ensure the safety of our visitors; however, due to the vast span of the forest recreational area, the implementation of safety still requires cooperation from the visitors. The safety general knowledge and notice are described below to establish crisis awareness and prevent any accident. Please kindly provide us with your cooperation, we wish you a safe and happy journey.
1、 Resort opening hours: 09:30~17:00, extended opening hours apply during the holidays. The admission ticket includes visitor public liability insurance, please retain the stub in order to protect your rights.
2、 The area consists of virgin forests, for your own safety, please follow the signs in the resort and do not trespass out-of-bounds areas to avoid danger.
3、 Please do not camp, cook and discard cigarette butts in the resort to prevent forest fire.
4、 The resort features undulating terrain, in order to protect your safety, please do not cross the fences to avoid accidents.
5、 The streams in the resort are shallow, please beware of slipping rocks while frolicking in the water.
6、 Please do not pick the flowers or leaves to avoid destroying the natural environment.
7、 Please do not bring pets.
8、 Please do not pick and consume wild plants or fruits to avoid poisoning.
9、 Snakes often emerge in the resort during summer, please be careful and do not venture into the brushwood. Please also do not beat or throw rocks at a beehive to avoid being attacked.
10、 The resort is equipped with bird nest cases for wild bird conservation and observation, please do not hit the cases and disturb the wild birds.
11、 The visitor service center provides tourism consultation, resort introduction and PA services. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, please call the complaint hotline ((02) 2661-6009) to provide us with your feedback, so that we can enhance our service quality.
Transportation guide
MRT System
Taipei Main Station→Sindian Bus (Wulai Line) →Wulai (transfer to mini train)→Yun Hsien Resort
Sindian Bus (TaipeiàWulai line, bus no. 849)
Zhongshan S. Rd. (opposite the Department of Education)→ Roosevelt Rd. → Gongguan → Jingmeià → Sindian→Beiyi Rd. (Qingtan)→Xinwu Rd. → (transfer to mini train or walk) → Yun Hsien Resort
DanshueiàSindian Line
Sindian MRT Station → transfer to Sindian Bus and head to Wulai → Wulai Station (transfer to mini train or walk) → Yun Hsien Resort
National Highway No.1
Yuanshan interchange → Jianguo Expressway → Sinhai Rd. → Keeling Rd. viaduct → Huanhe Expressway → BitanBeiyi Rd. → Xinwu Rd. Wulai → Yun Hsien Resort
National Highway No.3
Sindian interchange → Zhongxing Rd. → Beiyi Rd. → Xinwu Rd. → Yun Hsien Resort
Directions map