Business Retreats
Project content
Cable car and Yun Hsien admission tickets
Conference room – per time slot (including conference facility)
Chef’s exquisite cuisine (Chinese a la carte, 10 persons per table)
Resort forest guided tour x 1
Proposed itinerary
8:30~ 9:00 Gather at the 【Yun Hsien Resort cable car station】 and take the cable car to the conference room.
9:30~12:30 【Elite conference hall】
12:30~13:00 【Yun Hsien Chinese restaurant】 – enjoy Yun Hsien specialty cuisine
14:00~15:00 Tour guides will take you on an eco-tour of the resort.
15:00~ Free time in the resort.
1. Minimum requirement for the conference room promotional offer must be more than 30 persons. The above prices include business tax and service charge.
2. Only hot tea and hot water are provided in the conference room, additional charge is required for other beverages.
3. We can order conference snacks on your behalf (please contact Sales Department).
4. Any unused item or content in the promotional offer may not be used as discounts or used in a separate occasion.
5. In order to ensure both parties’ rights, please pay the deposit in advance and settle the remainder payment on-site.
6. May not be used in conjunction with other promotional offers, no additional notifications will be given should there be a change in price. On-site announcements will take precedence.
Conference room rental (NT$12,000 per time slot
(accommodates up to 200 persons)
No. of persons Fee
Below 60 persons Each time slot= NT$6,000
61~100 persons Each time slot= NT$8,400
101~150 persons Each time slot= NT$10,200
151~200 persons Each time slot= NT$12,000
* Each day is divided into three time slots: Morning, afternoon and night (until 22:00)