About us
Wulai is located 27km east south of Taipei City, the only mountainous area in Taipei County area. Green trees and clear streams filled this area surrounded by mountain range. The scenery at the source of famous Wulai waterfall is even more spectacular with ancient woods soaring up the skies, cloud and mist covering the forests, colorful butterflies, the chattering of cicadas and the chirping of birds, all made this place a retreat away from the turmoil of the world. However, this view is blocked away from the tourist due to the natural landscapes of steep crags and cliffs belonging to the Nanshih River. In the light of this, we start drafting plans to build a cable car so as to let this natural wild view be seen and enjoyed completely by the public from the air. As the natural view changes with season, all different and beautiful in its own unique ways, this area seems like a paradise therefore we named it “Yun Hsien Holiday Resort” meaning “a land of celestials and clouds.”

In September, we invited rope path professional Mr. 近藤勇 from Japan to inspect the top of Wulai waterfall as to guarantee the safety of cable car and recreational area currently under construction.